CONFERENCE BOOK 6th Balkan and Black Sea Conference Braşov, 22‐24 October 2015

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REZUMAT: Across South-Eastern Europe there is a recognition that economic development is to take place through increasing inter-company collaboration, innovation and internationalization. In Southern Serbia, through the generous support of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ European Neighbourhood Programme, the LEDIB programme in general, and the Cluster House in particular has pioneered a comprehensive cluster development approach. The Cluster House Model is a proven way of supporting and accelerating cluster development in the Balkans. The model fosters collaboration through networks, meetings, advisory services, inter-business networks, matchmaking events, and training sessions. It helps spur innovation by facilitating engagement between companies and between companies and universities as well as other research institutions. It brings international markets closer by way of joint promotion at trade fair, advice on internationalization strategies and market visits.
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