GRABIAS Magdalena, DE ROOS Hans Corneel, NECHITA Florin
Children of the Night. International Dracula Conference/ April 16-18, 2021 (virtual event ) Book of Abstracts

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REZUMAT: We have great pleasure in presenting this book, which provides an overview of the proceedings of the 2021 “Children of the Night” International Dracula Congress. Due to the pandemic and numerous restriction policies connected to it, this year’s event was held online. Despite many concerns about this novel and necessity-imposed form, we managed to gather seven keynote speakers, 35 plenary speakers and 50 listeners connecting with us from the most remote parts of the globe. Apart from the most engaging and intellectually stimulating academic debates, the congress offered screenings of three short films—two student productions made by young film makers from Design and Creative Industries Programme at Universiti Brunei Darussalam: Haunted by Farhan Nizam and The Phone by Haziq Salas, as well as Poster Boy written by Steve Blacker and directed by the acknowledged London-based film maker Neil Monaghan.